Monday, February 06, 2017

Mancat Monday

The almost mancats have had a fun and full weekend.  There is never a dull moment in my house!
Harrison has inherited the crazy gene!  He loves to lie in the heated bed, but when he gets too warm, he just melts onto the floor!

Flynn discovered the washing machine this weekend!  He loved the vibrations as it ran...silly boy!

Another shot of Flynn...he now weighs over 13 pounds!  He is tall and long like Tanner, but his arms are much thicker.  He is my gentle giant! 

Harrison will not be outdone and was curious about what brother was doing.  He also enjoyed a full body massage on the washer!  Harrison weighs just over 10 pounds.  He is my petite baby.

Harrison is a thief and loves to steal bags of treats or small bags of food from the pantry or the counter.  This bag was in my trash can and is makes a great toy, though!  Check out the video below.

Flynn loves to be vacuumed and enjoyed a session this weekend.

Flynn also went for a stroll around the neighborhood.  He LOVES to ride in the stroller.  This weekend we had a job to do, though...I am on the HOA Board and so I walked around looking for homes missing shutters.   Flynn took his job seriously and sat up so proud in the stroller as we walked!

Well, that's our weekend!  We hope you all had a fun weekend and were able to spend quality time with your fur babies!


  1. Flynn being vacuumed...!!! :-O We wisely RUN from the sucky monster!

    We can see they all keep you well entertained. That first pic with Harrison is hilarious; how can he sleep like that? He really does look like he's melting into the floor. :-)

  2. OMC! There's no way we'd ever let the sucky monster get that close to us...let alone touch us.

  3. OMC, what characters - and they are both WAY bigger than me! In fact, Flynn is literally twice my weight. What's with the vacuum? That's nuts!

  4. Flynn is a brave boy with that vacuum. They are all so cute.


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