Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Tuesday Teeth-Day

Harrison and Flynn are growing up and that means new teeth!
This is Flynn from the other week...you can see his permanent bottom incisors have erupted.  The baby teeth fell out a couple of days later.

Here is Flynn again, a week or so later...you can see he now has one set of permanent incisors on the bottom but has the double set on the top.

He is such a patient and tolerant boy.  So glad to have these photos of the teeth...I think it is really neat to see the changes they go through on their way to adulthood.  So far, we have not found any of the teeth that have fallen out.  I have now found two teeth!  
These both appear to be pre-molars.  The bloody one is fresh out of Flynn's mouth...found it on my bed after he finished a small snack!  The other one is probably Flynn as well, but I don't know that for sure.

I found two of Oliver's.  Were you able to find any of your kittens teeth?


  1. Ouch ! Purrs for you, Flynn
    You is going to turn to be big boy now =^x^=

  2. My human never found any of my teeth! She is bummed about that.

  3. Claire found many teeth from Angel CĂ©leste and Angel Loupi, but never any tooth from us or from the other angels. Purrs

  4. My mum found most of mine and Eric's baby teeth because we used to chew on our toy box, and they would fall inside it or on the floor around it. It was a cardboard 6 bottle wine box and my toys are still in it because she can't throw it out with all our baby tooth marks on it.

  5. The mom has one of my baby teeth. She saves it in a little box. ~Wally

  6. That is so cute that you have some of their baby teeth. Most of my cats were adult when I got them and the 2 that were young, I never found any of the teeth. I guess the tooth fairy needs to visit your house.

  7. The Mom has never found baby kitten teeth. We stopped by to wish Oliver a happy purr day.


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