Monday, August 29, 2016

Mancat Monday - Black Cat Rescue

The mancats have been in support of a rescue group called Black Cat Rescue for many years now.  We have them listed in our ResQ Walk App and closely follow their adoptions and fundraisers.  Not long ago, a post came through facebook showing an Etsy Shop that made bowties, and some of the products supported the BCR.  Of course, I went shopping!  The tie we chose came in last week, and the boys have tried to show their support by wearing it.  They were not thrilled!

Get ready for a chuckle as the boys model this new tie for you!
Flynn wasn't too upset, but was ready to take it off!

Harrison started out rather curious...

Then I jingled the keys to see if he would look at me!  Mistake!  Look at those eyes!

Harrison settling down a bit after the key fiasco!

Oliver was not happy at all about being caught and subjected to this strange torture device!

Note: Each boy wore the collar for less than a minute, so no long-term harm was done :)  I can see though that Oliver and Harrison are going to look very similar when they get to be the same size...I am in trouble!


  1. We love Black Cat Rescue too! How funny to see the boys in bow ties, when they are not accustomed to it!

  2. You're lucky you got a photo of each of them with the bow tie. We'd already be under the bed in a flash if Mom Paula tried to put one on us.

  3. MOL! They might have not liked the bow ties, but they sure look handsome in it. We love Black Cat Rescue too.

  4. They did good to keep it on for a minute :) Glad you got a picture of each of them!

  5. Such cuties, they all look nice in the tie.


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