Monday, July 18, 2016

Mancat Monday

The mancats and mancats-in-training have had a busy weekend...
Oliver showed me where to put the clean laundry...such a big helper!

Harrison thought he would try some tea...Flynn drank some one day too!

Tanner, Oliver and Harrison protecting me while I eat breakfast...did we hear something?

Tanner and Harrison enjoy a snuggle and a bath.  Love how their paws are touching

Salmon - It's what's for dinner!  Yes, we now have to put out 7 plates of food...the special red dish is Tanner's.  He doesn't make near the mess with it.  It is called Messy Cat.

Cousin Sophie prefers the Florentine food
Cousins Georgie and Pirate, Oliver and Tanner split three cans of Proplan
Harrison and Flynn share a can of kitten food...pretty soon though they will each need their own.

My three house panthers...from left to right.  Oliver, Harrison, Flynn

Well that's what the mancats have been doing lately...


  1. Wow, it sure sounds like mealtime is complicated at your house!

  2. Even though Brulee can be a little finicky, basically we eat the same food.

  3. Looks like everybuddy is having a great time...and eating well, we might add. :)

  4. Such cuties, I love the cuddling photo. I need to get a dish like that for Snowball.


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