Monday, May 16, 2016

Mancat Monday

The boys have been having a great couple of weeks.  They love tissue paper, so we have been keeping some on the floor for them to play with and destroy!
One of their favorite games is Pokey Stick.  Tanner has loved this game since he was young!  You have probably played this game, but didn't know it had a name :)  Here's Tanner giving a demonstration.

Here is the link to Tanner's video on YouTube.

Oliver and Cousin Georgie are learning how much fun it can be too!  Oliver plays a bit differently and is the main reason we have put out new paper almost daily!

Tanner just chilling on the paper...notice anything funny about him?  I have never seen him do this before...
Cross his feet!  So precious!  Love those pink toes.  His fur has almost completely grown back in as well...just a little thin.

Have you played Pokey Stick before?


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