Thursday, February 25, 2016

Thursday Travels

The second day in the village, Tuesday, was a day of working with the students and helping the villagers with our project for the week.
First stop though was seeing one of the water storage tanks that we had worked on during the previous trip.  These tanks are now complete and provide clean water to the villagers.  The water comes from a natural spring in the mountains.  The villagers test the water quality regularly and add chemicals as need for purification. 

Next, we split into two teams...One group started painting, while the other team worked with the 1st-3rd graders on basic english.  We had 30 minutes for our lesson.  Brigitte and I taught animals and weather...we had a lot of fun making funny sounds and interacting with the kids.  The teachers and some leaders of the community are in the back.  They participated as well.
After lunch, we split into three teams and worked with the 4th and 5th graders on what is known as the Rejoice Project.  This is where the kids learn scripture and a character trait each month.  This month we were working on Cooperation.  Our verse was, "For two are better than one because they get a good return for their hard work"  I believe that is in Ecclesiastes.
Aunties group made paper hands.  At the end, they were displayed on the walls of the classes in a wreath formation. 
My group worked on a lesson, and then we tried to work together and stack plastic cups.  The kids were very proud when they got it to work!

The third group played cooperation games outside...they had a parachute and various rope games to play.  I think the kids had a great time, and I know our teams did! It is so fun interacting with the kids and like the teachers said many times, you don't know whose hand you are shaking or who you are giving a hug could be the next president of Kenya!  The teachers believe so strongly in these kids.  It is refreshing to see!
Our guide David said that a missionary came to his school one day when he was young and shook his hand.  It meant so much to him, just that small gesture.  He said from that day forward he tried his best and remembered how much that person cared for him.  You just never know what kind of impact you are actually having, simply by being kind.


  1. doodz.....yur mom iz may never noe what kinda impact just a mere act oh kindnezz can bring ~ de hands everee one made R total lee awesum...we bet they looked mega grate aza wreath !!! thanx for sharin ♥♥♥

  2. Wow! This looks like it has been a very successful mission trip. You have really blessed those children by being there for them. Thank you for doing God's work wherever He calls you.
    -Purrs from your friends at


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