Monday, December 14, 2015

Mancat Monday

This post has many photos!
Since a Christmas tree was not going to work this year for a couple of reasons.  One, Auntie and I leave soon after Christmas for Kenya.  And two, a certain black tornado and his cousin destroyed the tree last year!  However, the house didn't feel festive, so we decided on this Christmas garland! 
I like to buy new ornaments each year to represent fun things that happened during the past year.  Oliver saw a balloon for the first time and loved it!  I found this cute orange balloon and will always be reminded of that fun afternoon with him. 
Tanner and Oliver both have enjoyed my popcorn snack in the evenings. 
Oliver is a member of the Cat Scouts, and this year he has taken numerous Botany Quizzes to earn a badge.  We will always remember the struggle! 
Tanner has sounded like a frog since his treatments began... 
Cute frog family ornament this year... 
Oliver's color is orange and let me tell you it is difficult to find orange ornaments!  This acorn is perfect though because it is orange and Oliver is a nut! 
Another Frog for Tanner... 
Another nod to the Cat Scouts for Oliver.  A s'more wearing orange. 
Tanner loves his milk (lactose free or goat).  This ornament is perfect because it is an orange cat, and a green milk bottle...Tanner's color is green 
I like to get new hearts each year.  This is Tanners because he loves to eat the flowers and leaves in the yard. 
This is Oliver's because it is the one he stole while I was getting them ready to hang :)  Smokey, Devon and Mojo each have a new heart as well.

We hope you liked our decorations and hearing the story behind each one.


  1. My human loves how you choose ornaments! She usually picks them out for their quirkiness/ weirdness.

  2. guys...we DID N joy yur fotoz N heerin de storeez bout them....we had ta crack up bout de acorn ~~ !!! thanx for sharin ♥♥♥

  3. I love all your new ornaments, especially the kitty with the milk churn.

  4. What pawsome ornaments! Thanks for showing them to us.

  5. I think it looks marvelous and I Love reading the stories behind them!


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