Monday, November 23, 2015

Mancat Monday

Oliver has a fascination with the plastic grocery bags in the pantry.  We have come home many times to find them spread all around!  He is one messy Mancat!

No wonder we call him the "Black Tornado"!

Caught in the Act!

Here's a video of him checking out a few bags...


  1. Binga would do that too if my human didn't put the bag of paper and plastic bags out of her reach.

  2. Oliver, do you have a bag fetish?? ;)

    (You should watch the handles on the bags...Ernie once got caught in one and couldn't get the bag off and that really scared him.)

  3. our Cody does careful, Cody chews ours and the Vet said that is because they are made from corn should try and keep them away from him. Also, the Island Cats are right, handles should be cut off because he could accidentally be choked.

  4. Too bad there isn't a Cat Scout badge for that Oliver :)

  5. Hey Oliver. I like bags myself, great cat minds think alike
    Salute Buddy
    Hope to see you at Scouts for the North Pole Trip this Sunday


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