Thursday, October 01, 2015

Thankful Thursday

Today is a great day to be thankful!  My boys are happy and healthy.  And although it isn't the best of photos, I love being able to get one of them together.  They were trying to decide if they wanted to wash one another or was cute, so I took a short video as well.
These boys mean the world to me and I love getting to spend time with them.  Tanner's health is stable at the moment and he is enjoying life.  Oliver is a nut and finds joy in everything!

Tanner goes back to the vet school on October 8th for a recheck...purrs would be appreciated!

Here is the video of Tanner and Oliver fighting/washing...Enjoy.  You can also click here to see it on YouTube.


  1. How funny that they didn't know whether to wrassle or groom each other! I'll be sending purrs to Tanner for his next visit to the vet school. I'm so glad he's stable.

  2. Purrs to Tanner for his next visit at the vets. We're glad he enjoys life and stable health. Purrs

  3. Aaaaaaw They do look purrecious. Weez sendin' purrayers.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  4. doodz...yur mewvie rocked !!!! we gived it 984 paws UP...pleez ta let uz noe when itz out on dee vee dee !! ☺☺☺

    heerz two a frigate mackerull kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  5. That's a cute video of them washing/wrassling. I am purring for Tanner's next vet visit.

  6. Hahahaha...those two are so funny on the video! Kali and I were lying in bed with mom this morning. Kali threw her head back and was sleeping on my arm until I reached over and hit her on the head with my paw. The nerve of just plopping her head on my arm!


  7. What a cute video. Sending purrs and prayers that Tanner does well at his visit to vet school.

  8. Such cuties! I am glad they are both happy. I pray daily for Tanner.


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