Monday, April 13, 2015

Mancat Monday

 This weeks Mancat Monday will also feature a Tanner Tuesday at the bottom, since tomorrow is a special day for our blog.  The boys enjoyed wonderful weather over the weekend, and even though the yellow pine pollen is out, we still opened the windows!  We can dust the house again later!
Oliver spent a lot of time looking out in the back yard.  There is a bird feeder right outside this window, as well as the ones further down the yard near the snowball bush.  There is a lot of activity! 
I don't know why he won't get in this bed and be more comfy, but whatever!  You can see our grass is starting to come back out after dying off and turning brown over the winter.  It is always so nice to have green grass again, although that means mowing will begin soon too! 
As the sun moved around the house, the boys moved too...Cousin Georgie and Oliver checking out the front yard.  Auntie hung three new ferns on the porch, so we are waiting for a bird to build a nest in one of them.  Our daffodils have bloomed and blooms will be from the day lilies.  The peony should make an appearance soon as amazes me each year how quickly that plant grows!

Now, on to our Tanner Tuesday post :)
Tanner had a good weekend too...he has now gained weight, two weeks in a row!!  His current weight is 12 lbs 1 ounce.  He is eating like a champ and seems to be feeling better overall.

The photo above is Tanner getting his fluids.  We do these at least 5 times a week...he is very tolerant and patient.  He is just laying there purring away!  Normally, I am petting him and talking to him because I don't want him to jump up, but we were almost finished here and he was being so good, I took a chance to get a photo :)

I have scheduled his next visit to the vet school for April 27th.  At this time, they will repeat the abdominal ultrasound, all of his blood work and do a physical exam.  I think they will be quite pleased with him!

Here are a couple of videos of him sleeping...I haven't seen him sleep this hard in a while, and it looks like he is chasing after something in his dreams!  It is a bit dark, but I hope you can see it ok...sorry for the camera movement right at first...

If you can't play it from here, you can see it on


  1. I am so happy to see Tanner gained some weight- I pray for him daily. I forgot to tell you that I gave you 2 awards last week- creativity and inspiration. Your care of Tanner is truly an inspiration.

  2. It's wonderful Tanner has gained some weight and is doing well! And that everyone is getting window whiffie time, with spring scents. We still have snow patches, but soon those will be gone. :-)

  3. It sounds like Tanner is doing very well! That is great news.

  4. It looks like you had some good Bird TV this weekend. We're glad Tanner is doing so well. Hey Tanner! You weigh the same as me! ~Ernie

  5. Hooray Tanner!!! You keep on gaining weight, big guy! We're purring for you :)


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