Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wordy Wednesday

This week, our Wednesday post will combine all the posts for the week!
We will start with Tanner...who has learned to love sitting on laps these days!  He seems to enjoy snuggling in the evenings while we are watching tv, although he thinks he should be petted the entire time he is sitting there!  He loves his head rubbed, he face and his arm...

Tanner gained a couple of ounces this week, so that is good for him!  He weighs 12 lb 11 oz now.  He has been doing well with his eating, although I am starting to see it taper a bit.  I think an appetite stimulant is in his near future :)  We have decreased the fluids to 50 mls daily, and I wonder if he is starting to feel the effects of slight dehydration again?  I will speak with the vet school on Monday when he goes in for his monthly appointment.  At this appointment they will checking blood work and repeating the abdominal ultrasound to make sure the lymphoma is still in remission.

We have had a couple of days off work, due to a small amount of snow but a fair amount of ice.  It's been nice to be home with the boys!  I do believe they were ready for us to go back to work today though.  Oliver gets so tired when we are home because he won't allow himself to miss anything...he HAS to know what we are doing!  By the evening, he is just wiped out and can't go any longer.  This is a quick video of him playing with one of their favorite toys.

It's HERE on youtube if the above doesn't work.

We hope everyone is staying warm and safe this winter...we are ready for Spring!


  1. Glad to hear is doing ok. Hope all of you are staying warm and cozy.
    Sending thoughts of spring your way.

  2. Paws crossed that things go well at Tanner's appointment!

  3. tanner...we hopes ya getz yur appatite bak dood...N oliver.. way awesum mewvie...we gived it 984 paws UP !! stay warm az well N we hope de ice goes a way....♥♥♥

  4. I hope Tanner's check up goes well.
    Oliver is having fun with the toy.

  5. We're glad to hear Tanner has gained some weight back. We purr that all goes well with his check up. Oliver sure is having fun!

  6. Great photo of Tanner. Happy to hear he is doing well. I will keep praying. Please visit us for a giveaway.

  7. We are glad to hear that Tanner continues to do well. We hope all goes well with his appointment!

    We laughed at your description of Oliver being so tired after snoopervising you all day. :)

  8. So glad that Tanner continues to do well. It just amazes me how big Oliver is :) I remember when he was just a little boy!


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