Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tanner Tuesday

Tanner spent yesterday at the vet school having his monthly recheck.  This involved a physical exam, blood work and an abdominal ultrasound.
The results of the ultrasound were unchanged, so he remains in remission!

His blood work showed an improvement in the kidney values
BUN = 30 (was 71)
Creatinine = 1.7 (was 2.7)

His phosphorus was slightly elevated and will need to be rechecked in two weeks.  If this doesn't go back down on its own, then there is a supplement he can take to help him.

His potassium was within normal limits, so the supplements are working!

He is anemic again...nothing needs to be done at this time.

He has lost more weight.  Current weight is 5.45kg or 12 pounds.  The vet ran a T4 (thyroid) test and we are waiting on the results.  She said if he doesn't come back Hyper-T then next month we will run a GI panel to make sure he doesn't have an absorptive disorder.

At home, Tanner is eating well and playing hard.  He is taking his meds and fluids like a champ!  I will continue to cherish my moments with him and do what I can to keep him healthy and stable.


  1. Great news that Tanner is still in remission! And it's always awesome to see kidney values go down! I'm sending purrs that he continues to do well... and maybe even puts back on some weight.

  2. dood....ewe knead ta eat sum trout....!! ♥♥♥ az all ways, blessings frum R pal frank ~~

  3. That is good news that Tanner is still in remission and his blood work results are good.

  4. That really is the most wonderful news. Keep rockin' it Tanner!

  5. This is such awesome news. We are SO happy that Tanner continues to do so well. YAY!

  6. We're so glad Tanner got a good report from the vet!

  7. We're so glad to read such good news ! Purrs

  8. That is good news about remision. I will keep praying and I hope he can gain some weight. My Sammy says Hi to Oliver- he hopes to see him at Cat Scouts soon.

  9. we always start reading these with one paw over our eyes. we are glad to hear he is doing well!!!


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