Monday, August 11, 2014

Mancat Monday

Today will demonstrate once again why our blog is called "Four Crazy Cats", with an emphasis on the CRAZY!
Here is Smokey, in the bed...notice what is laying in front of him...a dryer sheet.  I had been folding clothes and left one behind.  Smokey found it.  He has always loved a dryer sheet, and what does he do with them, you might be asking... 
He sniffs them!  He rubs his face on them and cuddles with them!  He is CRAZY!  But hey, whatever makes you happy, right?


  1. Uh....

    Now, if that dryer sheet smelled like catnip, we could understand! :-)

    Continued purrs and purrayers for Tanner.

  2. Yuck! That thing is full of checmical ick. Smokey, you ARE crazy!

  3. Whatever makes us happy ? Catniiiip ! Purrs

  4. dood...thatz WAY better than like... eatin...burd !!!

  5. I have never tryed them so I can´t say if Smokey is crazy or not :)

  6. Mommy should be so lucky she said...heeehe.


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