Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Waiting Wednesday

Today we are waiting...waiting on results from Tanner's ultrasound yesterday.  Tanner and Smokey went in last Thursday for their annual vet check-up and rabies shots.  During his exam, the vet noticed that Tanner had a very enlarged left kidney.  We did x-rays that day, and it showed it was a bit irregular in shape and large.  She wanted him in on Tuesday for the ultrasound, so that is what we did.  His blood work came back all normal, kidney values and red cells, all good. So now we wait to speak with his regular vet about the ultrasound and needle aspirate results.  In the meantime, enjoy some shaved kitty photos!
Tanner's belly is really soft :) Anyone want to guess how long it will take for this to grow back?
Doesn't look quite so bad when he is standing...


  1. Purrs and paws crossed for Tanner, that it's just *his* normal. It's good the blood work came back fine, that's terrific.

    Chumley used to be shaved right down 2 or 3 times a year, our human remembers how soft his tummy was. :-)

  2. Oh my, I am so sorry.
    I hope they say it's just that way and that he'll be sort of fine. As fine as you can be with that.

    I have an enlarge kidney and I'm doing sort of ok but I'm a silly old cat lady. lol

  3. poor Tanner...we hope the test results are ok and his furs grow back quick

  4. Purrs and prayers to you sweet Tanner. That fur will be back in about 4 months so just enjoy the new fashion trendy look pal!

  5. I hope that whatever the results show, it is easily treatable.

  6. Paws and fingers crossed that it is benign. Purring and Praying for you all.
    Marty and Mom

  7. We're purring for good results for Tanner. And that his furs grow back fast.

  8. We're purring and praying that Tanner's results come back good. And that his furs grow back quickly!


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