Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Toesday Tuesday

The photo is a bit blurry because some kitten doesn't like to be still.  Here you can see that Oliver is changing into a girl kitty by growing his nails long!  His girl name is Olla-Keisha.  He is happy to report that he was snagged by the spa crew shortly after this photo and clipped back into a budding man-cat!  Ollie does not enjoy having his nails done, and will growl softly at you while it is being done.
He loves to climb on this clothes rack though.  He has taken to trying to chase his tail while up here...it isn't the most graceful of activities!  This kitten is a nut for sure!


  1. You know our human would laugh herself silly if Oliver fell between the drying rods. (As long as he didn't hurt himself, of course!)

    Have to say that while Nicki always has been into everything, and he might have been on our clothes racks too, our human hasn't caught him doing it. :-D

  2. My human keeps threatening to give us pawdicures... as soon as she can find the clippers.

  3. OMC! Those are some long nails. Just don't start painting them, Ollie. ;)

  4. We are quite jealous of those claws. They're pawsome!

  5. Those are/were fearsome looking claws Ollie.

  6. Those are some impressive claws Oliver has going there! What a silly boy climbing the clothes rack!


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