Monday, July 21, 2014

Mancat Monday

It was a rare moment when all three boys were gathered around eating.  Now, normally they do not eat on the table, but Smokey had hopped up there to get some goat milk.  The others joined, so I added a plate of canned food to try to keep them occupied! 

Smokey on the left, drinking some yummy goat milk.  It is a new favorite in our house.  Smokey and Tanner both love it!  Oliver isn't so sure, but I think he'll come around one day and try it.
Oliver is in the middle.  He is now 10 months old, weighs 11 pounds and is as wild as ever!
Tanner loves to eat, and is getting a fair amount of extra snacks these days.  He seems hungry all the time, so as long as he isn't gaining much weight, the snacks keep coming!  Medically, I am still waiting on his results.  I called on Friday, but the aspirate tests had not come back in yet.  Thanks to everyone for the purrs!


  1. Goat milk? Hmm, wonder if we'd like that. Oliver might be wise to hold off until he sees how it affects Smokey. :-p

    Paws crossed for Tanner's results -- it seems a while now.

  2. Wow, Oliver is already twice my size! Keep us posted on Tanner's test results!

  3. They're being so polite while they dine. :)

    Continued purrs and good thought for Tanner.

  4. Mommy is so RUDE--she said it's a Group Gobble!

    We have paws crossed for Tanner.

  5. You're having dinner like three true gentlecats ! Purrs

  6. Wonderful seeing the boys all together!


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