Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Weight Loss Wednesday

Tanner is happy to report that his weight has been fairly stable over the past few weeks.  Slight losses and gains but remaining right around the 15 pound mark!  This is exactly where we want him, until we can get some more muscle developed, as he lost a fair amount of muscle along with the fat.
He feels good and looks good these days.  We may have to come up with a new Wednesday theme, as our weight loss journey comes to an end!
He is still eating the Calorie Control food, two cans a day, plus 1/2 cup of dry, with a few small snacks thrown in for good measure :)
He still loves sweets, but we don't get them very often.  He also enjoys some table scraps, like steak, chicken and corn on the cob.  He is learning to like greek yogurt, but is still very disappointed that it is not ice cream!
He will go next month for his annual visit, where we will recheck his bloodwork, to see how the anemia is resolving, and maybe make a new plan for his food.


  1. great job Tanner - we are VERY proud of you....

  2. You've done a great job with him; kudos to you and especially to Tanner. :-)

  3. Good news and it looks like you're enjoying some garden time.
    Double score!


  4. Paws crossed that everything goes well for your annual visit, Tanner!

  5. Awesome job, Tanner! We are so proud of you, buddy!

  6. Looking good, Tanner! Keep up the good work!

  7. Wonderful that weightloss Wednesdays have come to a close! Hope everything else stays on track with Tanner. Thanks for the update.
    Marty and Mom


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