Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thursday in the Garden

It's been a while since we did a garden post, but some of the flowers are so pretty right now...
 Smokey is in the veggie garden spot that will be full of fresh veggies and herbs this summer...for now it is the lone butterfly bush, a rosemary plant, and a bunch of compost dirt...
 The daffodils came up really early this the end of January!  We've had nice flowers for a while now and it is a pretty reminder that spring is coming!
The cat planter on the front porch is doing ok...the little pansies will last a few more months before the summer heat becomes to much for them...

Has anything started blooming in your area?


  1. The Bradford pears and tulip trees are blooming, but today it has become rainy and cold again. We have a surplus of mud. Thanks for sharing your lovely flowers with us! Happy Thursday!

  2. They're lovely to see, so pretty and cheerful.

    We have a frozen wasteland of snow and ice and below normal freezing temps. Maybe we'll see crocuses in May, at this rate.

  3. You weather sounds like it is similar to ours - our single daffodil plant already had its blooms and they are fading. There are lots of blooms and interesting smells right now!

  4. It's hard for anything to bloom around here when there's still snow on the ground and it's freezing!

    So we'll enjoy your flowers. Thank you. :)

  5. Started blooming ??
    You must be joking !!
    All we have here is snow and snow and snow *sigh*

  6. How exciting! It looks like spring is just about underway there! The ground is still kind of frozen here. :(

  7. Wow someone has a very green thumb at your house. We are still waiting fur spring to sprung.

  8. Happy Easter. Nope, nothing blooming yet.


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