Monday, November 05, 2012

Mancat Monday

On Friday, Smokey was subjected to the Snatch and Stuff procedure and placed in the evil PTU.  He was off to a blood work recheck at the VET!  We left a touch early, so we also ran through the drive-in bank...a mancat's work is never done. 

Once at the vet, Smokey was weighed...he had lost a few ounces since his visit in August, but we already knew that because we weigh everyone weekly.  I mentioned to the vet that this seems to be his pattern, as he lost weight last fall too.  We are keeping a close eye on it, and offering extra snacks throughout the day.  Note: we weighed yesterday and he has gained 3 ounces this week!

After the weighing, he was whisked off to the back to have his blood drawn.  They are rechecking his kidney values, since they were borderline high in August.  We have been mixing some of the kidney diet food with his regular food since then. 

I spoke with the vet and asked many questions, as Smokey is my first cat to be 'aging normally' and I am not familiar with chronic kidney disease...the treatments, symptons, prognosis, etc...She spent a good bit of time talking about options and said we will know more when his results come back this time.  They will check him often to look for trends.  She said the next time he comes in he will need his blood checked, along with his urine and blood pressure.

The vet called on Saturday morning and said that his numbers have gone down, and she is very pleased!  I am pleased too!!  We will keep doing what we are doing for now and recheck him again in 3-4 months.

Thank you all for the purrs you have been sending our way...they are helping!!


  1. That is great news and makes the trip well worth it!

  2. So happy to hear the good news! Keep up the good work!
    Harry, Dexter and Tipp

  3. This is super news! I've not had a cat live long enough to develop CRF, but I know the best site is purported to be Tanya's CRF site at

    Not sure if she offers anything homeopathic, but I do know offers a kidney support product at:

    I'm using their UTI-Free for Derry's chronic cystitis, only about a month now, but with awesome results, knock on wood. Their kidney support MIGHT help, in addition to regular vet care.

    Just a thought.

    Not everyone is open to alternative healthcare, but I'm an advocate for it for chronic conditions, wish I had access to a homeopathic vet, as Cheri does (Cats of the Wildcat Woods). BTW, she, too, is using or has used some of PetAlive's products with good success.

    Just another bit of info to keep in mind!

  4. Awwww sweet Smokey!! Awww we are so glad you are doing well!! Yay!! take care

  5. P.S. I have PetAlive's PetCalm on order and am going to see if that's better for Derry's overall stress levels, because I don't think the calming treats really make any difference.

  6. I'm so glad Fuzzy Tales passed along the CRF site - I was going to do that too! Here is a clickable link (since i know how to do them):

  7. Yay! We're glad Smokey is doing well. It sounds like you are taking good care of him.

  8. That is very good news that Smokey's numbers have gone down to a better level and that he is doing well.

  9. Fabulous news, indeed. My KonaKitty is mid-15 now and it's hard to tell what's illness and what's just plain ole old without the blood work...fingers crossed that Smokey continues to do well.

  10. So happy to hear his values have gone down some! My Carmine has FLUTD, which I know isn't the same thing, but I can relate to how scary health conditions are for our precious fur babies.

    Do you have a purrs and prayers badge for Smokey? If so, we would be happy to put it on our purrs and prayers page! He will be in our thoughts <3

  11. Great news! We're so happy Smokey is doing well. :)

  12. Great news for you! GT was just diagnosed with crf but he hates the renal food. I feel so bad about not giving him something he likes so I've almost given up. Not sure what else to do. It's a hard thing to deal with for sure


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