Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

We got off pretty easy this year with the Halloween costumes...only one to try on...we are still not happy about this whole ordeal, but it keeps the mom happy.  A happy mom is more willing to dole out treats!
 Devon with the shark attack hat!
Tanner gets his ears bitten off by the shark!

We hope you enjoyed our Halloween costume...we look forward to seeing what you all are wearing this year!


  1. LOL!! Bad shark!!! LOL!! take care

  2. MOL that is a pawesome costume!

    Happy Halloween, we hope you get lots of treats

  3. You guys don't look happy about wearing that hat, but it is ADORABLE. :)

    Happy Halloween, dear pals!

  4. Aw man, you poor kitties! I think we MAY have had it worse than you, but it's arguable.

  5. Guess if my mommy laughed ??
    YES she did !!
    Happy Halloween :)
    Sure hope you got a lot of Tuna treats after this photo session !

  6. Hahaha! You both must have baited breath to attract the same shark! Such a heady Halloween experience!

    Happy Halloween to you all!

  7. You are so wonderfully compliant. None of the kitties I have ever had would wear anything. :sigh:

    Thanks for coming to Charlotte's party. That's her first and we hope to have more. Please visit again.


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