Monday, September 24, 2012

Mancats Like to Bake

Devon has always loved to help in the kitchen.  He enjoys watching you stir food on the stove, and making sandwiches.  On this occasion he is helping to make a cake... 

Helping Auntie sift the flour...
 Looking at the dry ingredients to see that everything is measured properly...
 Checking out the recipe to see what the next step is...notice the flour on his nose now...he was a bit excited with sifting the flour!
Waiting patiently while the cake bakes...Devon will likely taste a tiny bit of his confection, but we'll have to watch Tanner like a hawk because he has a major sweet tooth!

Do you like to help bake?  Do you eat sweets?  Imquiring mancats want to know...


  1. We love the flour on the nose pic. LOL.

    Nope, we don't eat sweets, or even human meat, fish, or poultry. Wait, wait, Nicki does like yogurt, and will drive the human crazy until she gives him a bit.

  2. I love cake very much. It gets hidden from me because I have a habit of munching it whilst it cools hee he :)xx

  3. Charlie has absolutely no inclination to bake!! But he quality controls all the results!! LOL!!

    Awww sweet Devon!! You are lovely! Take care

  4. Devon, the flour on your nose looks really cute. We don't help with the baking, we just wait for the end result.

  5. I'm not much into baking, but if my human is doing something with chicken, all of us are interested!

  6. Cookies are more my forte. I just love the crunch of a nice cookie that Mommy has baked. Peanut butter is my all-time favorite flavor. Manly mancats love to help their Mommies in the kitchen. Happy Monday! xoxo

  7. I once helped the mom make cheese cake....well, I licked the top of it when it was cooling on the counter. :)



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