Thursday, June 07, 2012

In the Garden

Today we are in the front garden...
We have many varieties of Gerbera Daisies...they are some of our favorite flowers... 
 Pretty Orange...
 Lovely Yellow...
 Bright and cheerful Pink
 Our Knock-Out Roses have taken over the areas they are in...any suggestions on trimming them? 
Smokey followed me around to the front to take pictures...the garage was open, so this is where he chose to camp out!  A most unruly mancat!

To see more lovely gardens...check out the Society of Feline Gardeners.


  1. Our mom loves, loves, loves gerberas! Yours are so pretty, as are the roses! (No suggestions re: trimming, as we don't have any experience with roses at all.)

  2. Your gerberas are very pretty. My peep can't grow those. She has tried and FAILED... BIG TIME!!! purrs

  3. Super garden... Love it... I do...I do...

    pawhugs, Max

  4. Awwww such gorgeous blooms!! Awww lovely Smokey! What a great hiding place!

    I only know with roses is to trim them down after the blooms are spent.They really like pruning - I never thought to prune rose bushes until the lady who sold me my remembrance mini rose bush for my Ol Girl proved it to me! LOL!

    Take care

  5. It looks icky under that car - only a mancat would want to be there!

  6. Those daisies are sum of our Mom's favorites, too! So cheery looking!

  7. My mom LOVE your Gerberas and the BIG Rosebush too !

  8. Wow, your gerberas look beautiful! And Smokey, that looks like a pretty nice spot to us. :)


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