Thursday, May 03, 2012

Thursday in the Garden


It's been a while since we have done a garden post, but things are growing and changing all the time!
 Remember this plant that Tanner was so embarrassed about in the winter?  It was nothing but a dried up stick.  We were not sure if it would come back, but...
 Look at it now!!  We have even seen a few blooms on it!!  We love things that will return and not have to be purchased again!
 On the other side of those bird feeders we have a few more plants.  These pansies grew by themselves...we did not plant them.  Maybe some bird provided a seed for us :)

We also have a sunflower growing...that is very exciting!
Now if we can keep our cute visitor from destroying the plants we'll be set!

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  1. Your plants look great! And do you know what? When that sunflower blooms, you'll get a whole new season of bird TV. Yoo-hoo!

  2. We were thinking of doing sunflowers this year, though the mom had better get some seeds started now. It's been way too cold here to do any planting just yet...later this month, we hope.

    We love that bush that came back...What is it? Our garden is (will be) all perennials, with annuals in containers for splashes of colour. :-)

  3. Such a beautiful garden!!!
    I especially love your furry friend!
    ; ) Katie

  4. Things are looking good in your garden... if the bunny doesn't ruin it all!

  5. Love how that unpromising looking twig has surprised all and has flourished and is looking so healthy! Yay! Well done Tanner!! :-) Take care

  6. Your garden sure looks great now !
    Here in south Sweden where I live the nature have exploded this past week :)

  7. Wow! That stick greened up real nice! :)

    Your garden sure is looking great, friends!

  8. The bunny is so cute, but we likes your flowers too. Thanks for sharing them with us, paws crossed the bunny doesn't nibble on them.


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