Monday, April 30, 2012

Mancat Monday

Mancats, especially Tanner, love to chew on plastic bags...
 This is a bag of bird seed...Auntie was filling the feeders...
 Tanner loves to chew on the bags...he always seems to know when they bags are out of the cabinet!
A Tanner Tock shot too!

Do your cats like to chew on plastic?  Anyone know what is so yummy about it or why they do this?


  1. I don't chew on plastic bags myself but my Auntie Primrose loves them! I think Auntie Blossom does too. They've never said why they're so yummy tho...

  2. LOL!! Awwww Tanner!! You are determined to chew the plastic off that plastic! Yay!!! Enjoy! Take care

  3. I like to chew crisp packets, biscuit packets, bread packets, any kind of packet really. I even chewed into a bag of flour and ended up with a white nose!!! Mummy said I looked very funny and it would serve me right if I sneezed :)xx

  4. I think it's a combination of temptations. First, just not knowing what's inside...curiosity. Second, the thrill of the crunch. What's not to love about the sound a a glorious bag!
    xo Katie

  5. I imagine Tanner will leave quite a mess of birdseed on the floor once he's managed to chew the bag open!

    Perhaps it's the texture he likes!

    Felix (an orange tabby) of the Katnip Lounge loves to chew on paper, and my Dante (an orange tabby) loves to chew on ribbon. Hey, maybe there's something especially peculiar about the orange guys!

  6. Plastic has never appealed to either of us, but Tanner seems to enjoy it.

  7. We are not big on plastic here, but Binga loves to eat string and I love eating ribbons and rubber bands! Sadly, these things have been deemed "dangerous" and are kept far away from us.

  8. Wally is the plastic chewer here. And it drives our mom crazy! She's gotta keep all the plastic away from him.


  9. Well hey, Tanner kinda looks just like me! Not the body, but the face. Like, totally the same cat gene pool.


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