Thursday, February 02, 2012

Thursday in the Garden

We have been fortunate to be able to enjoy some really nice weather this winter, if you can even call it winter around here.  The boys have done a great job of helping in the garden, here's a preview...
 You'll need to biggify, but Smokey (near the tree), Devon (near the catnip) and Tanner all love to explore in the yard.  The trees are all bare.  The grass is mostly brown. But there is fresh nip growing and a few other things...
 Tanner loves to lay near the holly tree.  There are berries on it this year for the birds.  This is a great place to catch whiffies of possible introoders!
 On the ground we have meal worms for the birds...yes, we put them there on purpose!  We put some in the feeder, but the cardinals like to eat off the ground.  Tanner is watching a few try to get away!  The nandina are a bright red in the background!
The surprise of the garden is the daffodils starting to appear!  Let's hope the groundhog doesn't see his shadow today, so spring can get here soon!


  1. We had Spring coming really early with lots of signs before Christmas, but lots of torrential rain. Now we are getting lots of sun but very cold with lots of shadows, so we think our winter is coming late.Your garden is looking good. Everything here is mud.

  2. Awww lovely to see Tanner, Devon and Smokey enjoying the garden and the weather!

    Yay for looking after the birdies too! Here's hoping spring arrives - those daffodils look set to burst! Yay! take care

  3. Y'all are looking good in the garden, let's just go right to Spring!

  4. No signs of the spring here in Sweden :(
    The ground is white with snow and it´s cooold outside.

  5. Your humans get meal worms for the birds?! Wow, some humans will do anything to make sure their kitties get good Bird TV.

  6. How nice that you got to go outside and enjoy the nice weather!

  7. Three of our kitty's do not like outside- at all. Patch Cat goes out to see if she can get any mousies and she eats them. Or most of them. UGH.
    Your kitties look happy outside.

  8. We think it's very nice that you are getting outside to enjoy the nice weather! :)


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