Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Terror on Tuesday

Mom and Auntie and their dad visited Salem, Massachusetts while on vacation.  The flats were excited and made an appearance...
This village is very popular during Halloween time and it was crazy busy.  Mom loved all the decorations and came away with a few new black cat displays for her collection.
 The flats thought they were dress as witches to see what would happen...luckily no one was burned at the stake this day!  (Historical note: no one was burned in Salem, they were all hanged or pressed to death.  The burnings took place in Europe)
 Auntie, Flat Cousin Pirate, Aunties Dad and a real Pirate pose for pictures...Cousin Pirate loved that this Pirate had a peg leg too!
 This house was all decked out for the holiday...biggify to see better details.

Are your homes and towns getting ready for Halloween?


  1. Yikes!!! Those are BIG SPIDERS climbing all over the house in the last pic!!


    Awww great to see everyone having a spooky fun time! Take care

  2. Holy cow that spider gives me the willies I wouldn't want that on my house - lol!!!! We're all decrated here, just have to get our pumpkin now :-)

  3. What a great time. I enjoy Halloween "stuff", just for fun. Can't wait to see the newly purchased black cat displays.
    Thanks for sharing :)

  4. We don't do any decorating, but you can bet that Mommy is already into the candy!

  5. What a cool place to visit at this time of year!! And that house is awesome!! We love the spider crawling out the window!

  6. That sure looks like a great place to visit! Moosey likes to chase spiders, but not that gaint one! :)


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