Thursday, September 02, 2010

September is here

We are a day late in posting our new calendar, but Tanner needed some attention yesterday. He is still coughing, but he is playing and eating, so not feeling too poorly today. Thanks for all the purrs!
September is a big month for birthdays...Cousin Sophie and Devon will both be turning 9. Devon is already reminding me that his birthday is coming up...I have been getting some good ideas for presents from reading some of your blogs and toy reviews!! Some of my favorites are Flynn showing us plague ratsie. And Smokey playing with the Skinneeez Squirrel.

My dad is having a birthday too...he is coming up to our house to go to a football game that weekend. Go Tarheels!

I'm looking forward to this weekend, I have a scrapbooking workshop on Friday night, and then I get to spend three days with the boys. Perfect timing since they are all coming down with some sort of cold thing. Extra snuggles are what the doctor ordered!

Next week, we will be back to our regular Garden post...go check out our friends gardens listed at Jonesie's page...


  1. Wow, a busy month! I hope you feel better Tanner!

  2. Sweet Tanner, we are purring that you will soon quit coughing and be totally well.

    Another beautiful calendar.


  3. We missed your post yesterday (it's all our human's fault!) so we're sending extra purrs for Tanner and for all the boys. Colds are no fun.

    And Happy September! The humans are really looking forward to the start of college football.

  4. September is out mum's favourite month. It's the month that she got married, 101 years to the day after dad's great grandparents

  5. Wow, September will be a busy month for you!

    Hope Tanner gets over his cough soon.

  6. Me and Charlie are sending big big big healing purrs to adorable Tanner! We hope he continues to get better!!

    Awww the September month is lovely!! And lots of wonderful birthdays to look forward to!!

    Extra snuggles sounds lovely!

    take care and enjoy your workshop and big hello to your dad!


  7. Happy and busy, a great month ahead! Tanner, hope you feel better. Lemon and honey work great!

  8. Healing purrs to Tanner! Love the calendar. So cute!

  9. September always seems busy for our Mommy, too. The weather here in Vegas cools down and she can get outside to putter again.

    Purrs to Tanner and the rest of the crew...kitty colds are No Fun.

  10. Happy September! We hope Tanner and everybuddy else is feeling better soon!!


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