Monday, June 07, 2010

Mancats Love Catnip

Here's is our catnip growing in the back yard, in the same bed with the vegetables. It was blocking the sun from the tomato, so I gave it a bit of a trim.
Here's my pile of sprigs...I took some into the house for the boys enjoyment, and hung the rest in the garage to dry.
Tanner and Cousin Pirate find it first!
Pretty soon Smokey, Devon and Cousin Sophie get in on the pleasure!
Catnip is great fun...the boys came back to the nip over and over throughout the weekend.


  1. That was an impressive nip fest! The stuff I have is in a large pot out back and I've already had to cut it back. I know it spreads, so I'm hoping it'll do okay over the long haul in just a pot. :-)

  2. Looks like heaven!!!!!!! Can we come and visit?????? xxxxxxx

  3. WOW~!!! That's ALOT of 'nip! We gotta get mom to grow some for us. Where do you get the seeds? Like Pet~Smart?

  4. Oh wow that is a lot of catnip! And that is great that you have a big bush out there for when you need some! And how wonderful to share with your cousins!!

  5. Oh my goodness, that is one great crop!

  6. Wow! That's some impressive nip! We'd be jealous but Daddy has a few plants going for us too...mmmmmm, good times.

  7. Wow, sure doesn't look like our nip tree! Wonderful looking stuff there.

  8. Oh wow!! That really is a lovely and healthy catnip bush!! Brilliant - and so good for your kitties - great to see them enjoying really fresh nip!

    Wonderful - well done you!
    Take care

  9. *wow*
    We wish we had a catnip BUSH like that in our yard.



  10. Wow Look at the size of that catnip. It's making me drool to just look at it.

  11. Ah, fresh nip! Our nip plant is not very big yet, but we did have a couple leaves over the weekend. Your plant is amazing!

  12. Wow! Fresh nip delivered right to your living room how lucky are you! Impressive. Was it good, I have never had fresh nip.

  13. Mewowza, that is some green thumb your mewmie has...and you are very furrtunate that she let you partee, too!


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