Thursday, April 29, 2010

Y is for...

Next to the last alphabet goes Y...
YUCKY - This is Mojo's's almost healed in this picture, just needs to regrow his hair. He developed a huge sore when he had his teeth removed from the IV they placed. It took us over a month to get the sore looking this good. We are super fortunate to have a wonderful friend who is a vet. She came over to the house every three days for dressing changes. Mojo had to wear his e-collar during this time too...most humilating!
YAWN - Pirate giving us a huge yawn...or maybe a roar!
YUMMY - Kittens still nursing on a very patient and tolerant mom. Nothing better than a milk buffet. Mom cat is Elise, and I believe the kittens from left to right are, Reagan, Sage Banfield, Delaney, Walker and Tristan.
YELLOW - Top photo is yummy yellow squash, from our garden last year. Bottom photo, pretty yellow daisy.
YARD - Tanner is out in the yard...heading for the garden patch.
Only one post left...tomorrow is Z!!


  1. Great Pictures. I like the Yawn the best.... in fact, maybe I'll take a nap right now.


  2. Y is one of my favorite letters! I don't know Y...ha! Great pictures!!!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  3. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE @ those kitten pictures! SOOOOOO adorable!

  4. Y = YES! You have great pictures!

  5. Oh Mojo!! Poor baby - what a trouper he was!!

    Pirate;s yawn is amazing!!

    And mum kitty Elise - my goodness! The kitties are nearly her size!! She's a true super mum!

    Squash - yum! They're brilliant and home grown which is even better! The Daisy is so pretty close up like that.

    Great shot of Tanner!

    One more alphabet post! Good luck!

    Take care

  6. Another super post. We are most impressed!

  7. Another marvelous post.....we are sad that tomorrow will end the alphabet posts, as we have really enjoyed them. xxxxxx

  8. Those are great Y's! And we can't wait to see your Z post tomorrow!

  9. These were great, especially the "kittens". We wish the alphabet had more letters...this has been fun!
    xx Lounge Kats

  10. Very creative with the yucky! Loved the yawn. The kittens are so cute nursing.

  11. Great post! I always enjoy the kitty pix. Babies look almost as big as mama! :)

  12. Great Ys!! I like the yard the best 'cuz I love going outside and I never get to go out enough!


  13. That is funny watching those big kittens still nursing from their mama!

  14. What a wonderful yawn and mama and babies photos!


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