Wednesday, April 14, 2010

L is for...

Today we actually have two posts, so don't forget to stop by Smokey's 14th Birthday post as well!!

The letter L will be featured goes...
LASER EYES!! Cats are great at giving the lasers to ward off the evil flashy box...Smokey demonstrates this technique.
LOUNGING - I believe this is Walker, another foster kitten...he knows how to lounge!

LICK - Devon licks a tree in the back yard, while out on a walk one day.

LADIES LEGS IN LAKE!! Well, technically its our feet, but you get the idea :) This picture was taken on one of our many trips to Minnesota. This trip was planned around the lakes and we decided to drive around and put our feet in as many lakes as possible one day! We had a lot of fun and enjoyed the beautiful scenery as we drove. The water was very cold!!
Tomorrow will be the letter M...


  1. MOL....what fantastic pictures! Thanks for leaving such a sweet note for Spats. She is doing fine!

    Love, uSSSSS

  2. Awww!! Laser eyes!! Brilliant!!

    And THAT's how lounging should be done!!

    Devon looks so cosy wrapped up in his scarf licking that tree! It must have been cold.

    Ladies legs in lake - now THAT'S an L post winner!


    Take care

  3. Oh Devon, I just love you in that scarf...laser eyes, Duh...I never thought of that one.

  4. What PAWesome L's.

  5. Fantastic post. I absolutely LOVE the picture of the kitty licking the tree.

  6. Those were great, I "L"oved your pictures for this letter! We will go say happy birthday to Smokey.

  7. Those are great Ls!! And that last picture could be used for Tuesday Toesday!! Haha!


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