Monday, April 19, 2010

P is for...

Today we have the letter P...many things start with this letter and I actually had to be selective because I couldn't post all the pictures!
PURPLE PEPPERS - We found these peppers at the farmers market in Minnesota. I had never seen purple peppers or even knew they existed until then. I had to take a picture!
PIRATE in a POT - Pirate being a bit naughty sitting in a pot of baby trees. They all died of course, but we tried :) Pirate had fun and that's all that mattered...
PIRATE - Enjoying the cold concrete after a snow. He got his name because he was born with a peg leg. When he came to us to foster he was already named...but it fit him perfectly. ARRRRGH!
PALS - Devon and Tanner are friends really, but that's not a P word. They love to hang out and cuddle together.
PILLOW - Smokey loves to sleep on a pillow. He's a bit spoiled I suppose...

Well, there you have it...the P post. Tomorrow will be the letter Q...might be a bit more difficult, we'll see.


  1. Neat purple peppers! They're too pretty to eat, actually. :)

    Sweet kitties as usual. Love 'em!

  2. Another great alphabet post! Those peppers were pretty neat. And Pirate looks like a real sweetie. :-)

  3. We'd like to say that your "P" post is number one! (MOL!)

  4. I never heard of purple peppers either. Guess they taste purple. That certainly was a good P post. A bunch of us like to sit in the pots too. Mom has to put sticks in everything so they don't kill everything. Have a great day.

  5. Those were sure "P"urrfect Ps!!!

  6. Awwwww Perfect P post!!

    Absolutely purrfect!

    I love those purple peppers!! Aren't they just gorgeous and so weird!!

    And beautiful Pirate! Awwww he's so cute even when he's naughty killing all those trees! LOL!

    And Pals Devon and Tanner - don't they look gorgeous together - best pals indeed!

    Smokey smoulders on his pillow - he's adorable.

    Take care

  7. WOW! Purple peppers??? Did ya buy any? Love the "P"s today. Maybe you shoulda gotten some qumquats for "Q".

  8. Great post! Did you buy a pepper to eat?

  9. Those are great Ps!! We 'specially liked Pirate in the pot!

  10. We have never seen purple peppers before either. Lots of great P photos.

  11. Great "P" post for a Monday -- because all the kitties in it were mancats. That Pirate sure is a funny boy, and it's very sweet that Devon and Tanner are such good buds.

  12. I've never seen purple peppers either.

    Love Pirate in the pot and the pals pictures!

  13. Good golly!! Purple peppers!! now that's truly a wonder.....

    XOXOXOXO Puddin


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