Friday, April 16, 2010

N is for...

Well, we are over half way finished with the Alphabet challenge, and some letters are definitely a challenge! Today we have a mixture of cats and other things...representing the letter N...

NOSE - This is Ali, one of the cats I catsit for...showing off her pretty pink nose.
NAPPING - Smokey has good form and looks very pretty on his purple blanket.

NAPPING again - Cats are the only ones that can nap...Here's my Granny and my Dad taking a quick, dare I say, Cat Nap after lunch.
NIP NANNER - Devon got the prized nip nanner for his birthday last year, and just loves it!
There you have it...the letter N. Tomorrow will be O...Oh boy!


  1. Awww Ali's pretty pink nose and amazing colour eyes!! Wow!!

    Smokey is lovely on purple - great napping technique - but your dad and granny win that contest I think! LOL!

    And of course good ol nip!! Yay!!

    Great N post!! I can't believe it's already halfway into the alphabet - maybe it's cos this is such a fun thing to follow.


    Take care

  2. Yes, Ali's eyes caught my attention, though her nose is a very pretty pink. :-)

    We love the napping idea. In fact, our human would like to do just that right now. Maybe under her desk at work?

  3. Ali has BEAUTIFUL eyes! PURRfect "N"s.

  4. We are loving your alphabet posts.....and we're anxiously waiting for the "X" our minds that would be the most challenging. We love y'all. xxxxxxxx

  5. We LOVE the nip nanner best! Hi, we're new around here, come on over and visit!

    xx Lounge Kats

  6. Ali is lovely. We knew there would have to be nip somewhere.

  7. Excellent and very "N"ice N words!!! Y'all have a great weekend.

  8. Great N post! Does Ali have a green eye AND a blue eye? NEAT!!


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