Monday, April 12, 2010

J is for...

The letter J allowed me the opportunity to review some older pictures looking for just the right's what I came up with...
JESTER!! Devon, at his birthday party in 2006, dressed up for his guests. He was so proud to have a party...we made crowns as our craft...he loved it!
JACK-O-LANTERN - Devon enjoys dressing up, although he doesn't wear anything for very long. We tried on a variety of Halloween costumes this year...he sat and watched tv for most of the photo session :)
JUMPING - An action shot of Tanner...boxes are fun, but so is jumping out of them!

JAPANESE TOILET - now on to a couple of non cat photos. This is the Japanese style, squat toilet. We found these in most bathrooms, but thankfully there was normally at least one 'western' style toilet as well.
JAIL - Auntie and a friend in 'jail' at the Paul Bunyun land in Minnesota.
Well, there you have it...several words that start with J and photos to go along with them! Tomorrow we'll have the letter K...stay tuned.


  1. These are all great Js!! We love the Jester!

  2. Wow, great "J" post! We especially liked the jester too!

  3. Hi... umie was away for few days so we have missed some of the letters :S

    We really like this J entry ;)

    J = Joy :D

  4. Lovely "J" post. That toilet is bizarre and mom said that's probably not one to "squat" over while you've been drinking as you might fall in it! Ewwwwww....

  5. Yay!!

    What a brilliant J post!!!!

    Devon is adorable all dressed up - especialy his jester outfit!! Blue really suits him!

    Great action shot with Tanner - shows how fast and agile he is!

    Japanese toilet - they have them if France and I can never get used to them! I like the sitting down aspect..! :-)

    I hope your Auntie and friend got out of their jail! LOL!

    Excellent stuff - thank you!

    Take care

  6. Loved it! Great photos and I learned something new today. Japanese squat potties? Weird! :)

  7. My favorite is the Jester. That purple color is just beautiful with that black fur.


  8. What a great J post.Mums mind boggles at that toilet though.

  9. Great Js!! And Devon, we're impressed on how you put up with dressing up! We are not as cooperative!!

  10. Those are all wonderful J pictures but Devon in his jester costume is just so adorable!!

  11. Devon looks very handsome in his beautiful ruff.
    That toilet is weird.

  12. what a pawsome J post. I have seen those toilets in china too.

    cute jester :).

  13. Love that pumpkin costume!


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