Friday, April 23, 2010

T is for...

Today we go for the letter T...
TASTING - Devon loves to lick the butter, especially when it is a new container :)
TOES - Devon sits with all of his feet together...very proper.
TONGUE - Mojo was licking some catnip when I snapped this picture...sorry to embarrass you buddy, but it was purrrfect for my post today :)
TANNER in a TUNNEL - Of course Tanner would make an appearance today for the letter T. He loves to lay in these tunnels in the cat room. He also enjoys running through them in the morning when we play.
TOTEM POLE - A few non cat things now...this was in Nisswa, Minnesota...
TRACTORS - At the Paul Bunyun place they were having what appeared to be an antique tractor show...there were lots of cool tractors there and I took pictures of most of them. I was thinking the whole time how neat they will look in a scrapbook...most of them were very brightly colors and all shined up for the show.

Tomorrow will be the letter U...we're getting close to the end folks...stay tuned...


  1. Oh my goodness!!

    I've never known a kitty who liked butter! That's amazing! Devon is truly a unique and very proper kitty with good butter licking manners.


    And Mojo's tongue - wow!

    Tanner in a tunnel is so cute! and what a scary totem pole. I never knew tractors could be that antiquated!

    It's so nearly the end of the alphabet - what a shame it's been such fun!

    Take care

  2. Excellent "T" post! Mojo's pic is hilarious. :-D

  3. Holy Mojo Tongue! GRRR-8 "T"s.

  4. MOL!!!!!!! Devon is quite the fella!!!!! We are really enjoying your ABC's posts and will be sorry to see them end. :)

  5. Our old vet used to say butter (or margarine) was good for hairballs & poopies :)

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  7. Great "T" post! The picture of Mojo's tongue is pawsome! MOL

  8. How fun you have made the alphabet!

  9. Those are all great T's - and lots of them. But that picture of Mojo with his tongue out is the winner in this one - what perfect timing - and what a long tongue!!

  10. Whoa!!! Look at Devon go for that butter!! How cute. It's been awhile since I'vebeen to your blog, but i can't believe that you've done almost the entire alphabet in blog entries!!! How creative of you. I love it!!

    XOXOXOXO Puddin

  11. TSB has promised us a tunnel when we have room for one. They look like so much fun!

  12. My, that was a "T"on of "T"errific Ts "T"oday! Y'all have a great weekend!

  13. Those are great Ts!!! And Devon, I like licking the butter too...and mayonaise!!


  14. GreaT Things!! Love especially the tunnel picture of Tanner!! Too cool!!! Purrs, Lautrec and Tiny

  15. That's so nice of them to put the butter out for you!


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