Saturday, April 17, 2010

O is for...

OUTSIDE - Tanner sits on the patio enjoying the warmth of summer...outside time is actually quite infrequent, and highly supervised.
OVERTURN - Smokey pointing out that their toy basket has been overturned. I eventually moved their toys to the larger basket mom made...
OTTER - I love otters and this is a river otter at Brookgreen Gardens in Myrtle Beach, SC. He came out to see our tour group because the tour guide was throwing food to him. The others still chose to stay away.
OPEN - Pirate opening wide...maybe preparing for the dentist?
OX - Babe, the blue ox is a prominent legend in Minnesota...
OCEAN - I love the beach, and hope to own a beach house one day...this is at Wrightsville Beach, NC. I think the water is just beautiful.

Well, there you have it...we'll take Sunday off, and be back on Monday with our P post.


  1. Brilliant O post. We like Overturned the best, looks at all those toys!!

  2. They are all beautiful pictures. I think I like "outside" best. Great picture of Tanner with that green, green grass behind.


  3. Ooooh Blue Ox legend sounds intriguing!!

    And yay for otters - I'd love to see one like you have in their natural habitat!

    Tanner, Smokey and Pirate are adorable!!

    And I do hope you get your house by the ocean - the beach pic looks so calming and lovely!

    Have a great weekend!!

    Take care

  4. Flynn: Silly mum. When the first photo came up in our reader, she thought it was me for a moment.
    We like all your O pictures.

  5. We are totally loving your alphabet posts........Blue Babe took our mamabug back a good many years......she drove by Paul Bunyon and Blue Babe in Bemidji many, many, many times on her way to her in-laws in Minneosta. Have a beautiful caturday. xxxxxxxxx

  6. That's a lot of good "O" stuff!!!

  7. Outside time...oh the struggles I have with that and my Kit Kit.

    Great O post!

  8. Love your toy box, ours is very tiny. Pathetic actually!


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