Saturday, April 10, 2010

I is for...

I was about to say we'll skip the vowels, but I challenged myself and came up with the following...
INTERESTING! This is another shot from the Red Wing are students from a cosmotology school dancing down the street with huge scissors! This was interesting, to say the least!
IMMUNOTHERAPY INJECTIONS - This is the box that Mojo's allergy (immunotherapy) serum comes in. This is the list of the various allergens that are included in his serum to help reduce he reactions. These shots worked wonders for him. Smokey also has a box of serum in the fridge, and he gets 1cc every two weeks.
ICE and snow...Tanner playing in, standing in, looking in awe at the snow we had this past winter. We had a lot of sleet (ice) that fell on top of the snow and really condensed it. The boys would not venture out until the patio was cleared :)

That's the last post this week...we'll take Sunday off and resume on Monday with the letter J...stay tuned!


  1. Hi

    What a fun "I" post!!

    Yep the Cosmotology students dancing with giant pairs of scissors is definitely interesting!


    It's so sunny now that I've forgotten how only last month there was snow and lots of ice!

    Lovely shot of Tanner!

    And thanks for the info about Mojo's serum. Glad it's helping Smokey!

    Have a lovely weekend, can't wait for J!

    Take care

  2. "I" was not an easy letter...keep it up and we'll both get to the finish.

  3. That was very "I"nteresting...great job but burr on the icy stuff.

  4. Very "I"nteresting post! :) Hopefully, we are all done with the ice and snow for awhile...

  5. Yes, very interesting "i" post! Those kids in the parade made me think of Edward Scissorhands. LOL.

  6. Hi! "I" want to thank you for the purrs for my poor little knee...

    Mommy started me a blog! come visit!

    xx Felix

  7. What an interesting "I" post :). The Red Wing Parade is so cool :).


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