Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Smokey

Happy Birthday to my sweet snuggle have been a blessing in my life! Here's to many more years together.

Smokey as a baby in 1996. He came to live with me on a Tuesday, after I graduated from college. I called an ad in the newspaper to find him (because the kitten I was supposed to get for graduation, died the day we picked her up!). The lady said there were two kittens left, but she had three people coming over that night to look at them, and for me to call back the next day. When I called, I was afraid all the kittens would be gone, but they were both still there. I was very excited!!

Auntie drove me down to a very small town to look at these kittens. The cats were living on a screened porch, and there were lots of adults all growling at the kittens. Smokey was the tiniest of the two, and he had that's how I chose him. I wanted a kitten with stripes, since the one that died had stripes too (she was a brown tabby). Little did I know, Smokey would lose those stripes within a month or so, and be solid black. Solid black is now my favorite :)

Smokey was very quiet on the ride home, he just sat in my hands and finally fell asleep. He slept in the bed with me and didn't move all night. Because of all the adults on the porch with him, Smokey growled when he ate. We worked on this, and it took a couple of days for him to realize food was always going to be there and no one would take it away.

He was a nervous kitten/cat and most people never saw him. He laid on me, if I was in my bedroom, and didn't move a muscle. So I made a point to lay in the bed and 'read' everyday with him. It took us several years, but he finally would 'read' with me on the couch. As he's grown older he is more and more confident...he's turned into a social butterfly. Other people can pet him, although he still prefers my lap. He loves to be held and kissed. He enjoys reading as much as always.
Smokey is my first cat and I couldn't have made a better choice. He's taught me a lot and I am so glad he's a part of my life.

Happy Birthday Goose...we'll celebrate tonight with a bit of tuna, since that's his favorite. Thanks for stopping by to visit :)


  1. Happy Birthday, Smokey!

    What a great 'gotcha day' story and we think you're both very lucky to have each other!


    Hope that you have a great day!

    Love, uSSSSS

  3. A very happy birthday to you, Smokey! You obviously are deeply cherished by your mom. We wish you a wonder-full day--enjoy your tuna treat this evening!

  4. Happy 14th Birthday Smokey!
    Hope you have a great day with your mummy!
    Purrs from the Kitty Trio

  5. Happy, Happy Birthday to you Smokey!

  6. HAPPY PURRDAY SMOKEY~!!! What a GRRR-8 story of how you came to live with your momma! Hoping uyou get lots of toys, treat, noms, and 'nip!

    Here's to MANY more...

  7. Happy Birthday Smokie, what a great story!!

  8. Happy Birthday, Smokey! You have grown into a fine mancat!! We hope you enjoy your tuna later!

  9. Happy, Happy, Happy 14th Birthday, Smokey!!!!!!!!! Isn't it grand to be a "senior cat".....we have even more time to nap!!!!!!

    We are so thankful that you found such a wonderful furever home. xxxxxxx

  10. Happy Happy Birthday Smokey! What a gotcha story that is - it is too bad the first kitten had to go to the bridge but it is great that you found such a wonderful boy - it was obviously meant to be that way!! Ok, so we have to sing you our favorite birthday song now!!

    What day is today?
    It's Smokey's Birthday!
    What a day for a Birthday!!
    Let's all have some cake!!

    We hope you have a wonderful, happy, fun filled Birthday!!

    Hi, this is the mom - I wanted to thank your mom for asking about those carriers - it was making me crazy that they aren't anywhere on the internet!! I guess we will have to get our supply quickly (the boyfriend wants to get one for each cat - I say the ones we have are fine, we should just have enough for one for each and be done with it but he is in love with them like Barney is I guess!)

  11. What a sweet story and what a beautiful boy.
    A very Happy Purrthday to Smokey.
    Love & Purrs,
    Missy Blue Eyes
    Faith Boomerang
    Mom ML

  12. Awwwww Smokey!!

    Happy, happy, happy birthday!!!

    May you have lots of treats and tuna and more tuna to celebrate such a wonderful day.

    You bring so much joy and happiness to your furrever home family and me and Charlie are very happy to have met you!

    Take care and enjoy your day!


  13. Happy Birthday Smokey - sounds like you got a great Mom! We like black cats too!

  14. Happy 14th Birthday, Smokey! Thanks for sharing your story. Enjoy your tuna tonight.

  15. While I was in the neighborhood I wanted to tell you Happy Birthday Smokey!!!

  16. Happy Birthday Smokey! Have a wonderful day with lots of love fun and treats!

    It was very interesting to learn of how you came to your great forever home. Your Mom really loves you.

    Whicky Wuudler

  17. Happy Birthday Smokey!! What a wonderful gotcha story and beautiful picture.

  18. Smokey you are one handsome mancat and Happy Purrday!


  19. Happy Purrthday Smokey! Speedy useta haf striped too, yoo can still see dem in just da right light.

  20. Have a very, very Happy Birthday, Smokey! What a sweet, tiny kitten you were, and now you're a sweet, snuggly, handsome mancat. You really must have taught your mom well about cats, because now she's got four.

    Enjoy your tuna, dude!

  21. Happy birthday Smokey. You were a cute little baby.

  22. What a beautiful story! Happy birthday Smokey!

  23. How very sweet. Isn't it wonderful when you find so much love and sweetness in such a small package?
    Happy Birthday Smokey.

  24. omg just so adorably cute! happy birthday!

  25. Happy Gotcha day Smokey. Black kitties are our Mom's favorites too. They are great cats.
    That food looks so good. We can't wait to get started eating it. Great party.
    Have a great week end Smokey. Go snuggle with your Mom.


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