Thursday, April 15, 2010

M is for...

There are quite a few words that start with the letter M...not all have to do with cats though :)
MAZE - This was in Minnesota, at the science museum. I believe it is in St Paul.
MARRIED - My cousin getting ready to drive off from his wedding...
Mojo - How could we have an 'M' post without Mojo? I love this picture because you can just see his blue soft paws on his front foot. He wore these so he would be able to do less damage to his mouth when he scratched it.
MONUMENT - This is the Washington Monument...I took a trip to DC a couple of years ago, and enjoyed visiting all the various monuments and memorials. One thing I love about that area is you are very close to Maryland and can enjoy plenty of steamed blue crabs :)

MOUSTACHE - A perfect example on Mr Mojo...our Granny once asked if we drew that on him everyday!! We told her, Of course :)

Tomorrow is the letter N...stay tuned...


  1. Awww lovely sweet Mojo with his moustache!

    A perfect M!!

    Maze, Married and Monument are fab too of course - Mojo just has that very special place!

    Take care

  2. We love Mojo's moustache! :-)

    Another wonderful, creative post!

  3. Wonderful "M" post....and we especially loved the Mojo shots. xxxxxxxxxx

  4. Those are wonderful M words! We of course are partial to the Mojo pics, but the others are good too - that maze looks fun!

  5. PAWesomer "M"s. That mustache is GRRR-8! Love it! Cricket has a tiny little albino white mustache too.

  6. I totally loved Mojo and his moustache too!

  7. Yes, my first thought for M was moustache and Meow!!!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  8. Great M post. Mojo's moustache is magnificent! :)

  9. Oh we love Mojo's moustache!! Great Ms!! Half way through now!

  10. Those are all great M's, but we liked Mojo and his Moustache the best.

  11. Mojo was such a distinguished looking fella. Great post. :)

  12. Your posts rock! What a pawsome M post.

    Mr Mojo looks so handsome with the moustache. :)


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