Wednesday, April 07, 2010

F is for...

F was actually pretty goes...
FRIENDS and FAMILY ...Devon and Tanner are brothers and best buds.

FISH - Charles is happy to be on the blog again. He is a betta fish.
FROGS!! Tanner is dressed like a frog for Halloween...he looks thrilled doesn't he? :)

FLOWERS!! Spring is breaking out all over these days, and soon we'll have tons of flowers everywhere. I took this picture at the State Fair last year.

More pretty flowers...this color of lantana is my favorite.

More Flowers...these were at a farmers market in Minnesota. So beautiful.

FLAIR-UPS...Mojo had really bad allergies, and he would flair up around his mouth. We were lucky that our vet at the vet school would let us submit photos of him, so she could track his progress.
FIBROSARCOMA - in this picture you can clearly see Mojo's tumor. It had many lumps and bumps on it, and a few sores. We were lucky that it never ruptured or oozed. Mojo was still enjoying what little bit of life he had left here...
Tomorrow is the letter G...


  1. Great F's. Beautiful flowers. Tanner looks great as a froggie, but you're right, he does not look too happy.

  2. Happy Purrthday to Tanner! We hope you have a super fabulous day!!

  3. Awww this is a lovely F piece.

    Beautiful Tanner and Devon, gorgeous flowers - really lovely! - frogs looking like Tanner is cute!


    And Mojo. Bless his sweet brave and wonderful heart!

    Take care

  4. Really fantastic "F" post!

    A very happy b-day to Tanner; we saw it on the CB!

  5. F = Friendship!

    Love the pictures of flowers ;)

  6. I love lantana! Beautiful flower pictures and lovely kitty friend photos too! "F" is good!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  7. What kewl F's. We used to have a Betta Fish too. Mom named him Tsing Tao (it's a Chinese beer), but the 'beans called him Lou. We don't's weird.

  8. That was a great letter! Happy Purrthday Tanner!!!

  9. Oh those are great F's! And poor Mojo having to go through all that.

  10. Great F post. We loved the frog picture.

  11. The most adorable little froggy we have ever seen!!

  12. The flowers and of course the little frog look lovely. Poor Mojo was a very brave boy.

  13. I have a cat that is survived to fibrosarcoma. Now is 8 year.


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