Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Q is for...

Today's post took some thought to come up with words that started with Q, but also to find pictures that went with those words...we only have a three today. One is a video though!!
QUACK - This is another float from the Red Wing parade...not sure what the duck is representing, but I was glad I had a picture of it!
QUILT - I know many of you make actual quits, but this is one I made for Smokey. Mom taught me how to applique, and then she pieced it together and did the actual quilting. All the black cats are wearing purple collars (hard to see), there's a purple heart at the top. The other squares are a goose, and some fish. The back is black polar fleece. I am still working on the squares for the other boys...maybe one day I'll get them finished!


Q-TIPS!! Devon loves to play with a Q-tip while I get ready in the mornings. He is the only one that can play, because the others like to eat the cotton. I throw it away when I am finished, so no one else gets it. Enjoy this short clip of Devon playing.


  1. Grrrreat Qs!!! Q-tips make great toys around here!

  2. What a great Q post! We thought that would be tough, but you've got wonderful Q words. :-)

    Just one thing we wanna know--why WE don't get to play with Q-tips too!

  3. Awww Devon playing with the q-tips is just so cute!!! He really is such a lovely kitty!

    And that big duck is funny and your quilt is beautiful!

    Lovely Q post!!!

    take care

  4. Very creative Q's! Our Nick loves to play with Q-tips too!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  5. Love the film of Devon. Lucy used to play with q-tips too when she was younger. The quilt is beautiful!

  6. KUDOS!!!!!!! Wonderful "Q" post!!!!!

    Totally loved the video of Devon and his Q-tip....what a star he is!!!!

  7. Q-tips? We'll try that today! Pretty quilt.

  8. That was "Q"uite a creative post...Devon handles those Q-Tips like a pro!

  9. Quack is a really good word. We wish we had some Ducks that quack to go along with our Geese that honk!

  10. Those are great Q's! We love to play with Q-Tips - we even drag them out of the garbage if we have to (but then mom gets mad!)

  11. Great "Q"s. The video made mom LOL especially when Devon flipped the Q~Tip right into his mouth!

  12. That was a great video of Devon and the Q tips.


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