Friday, April 09, 2010

H is for...

It was more challenging to find a cat picture with the Letter H than I thought it would be...but here goes...

HELPING!! Devon helps us wrap some Christmas presents...we couldn't have done it without him :)
HAPPINES! Mojo is experiencing pure happiness rolling in the grass during his last days with us.

HOUSE - Here's our house at the beginning of summer. Our grass doesn't always stay this green throughout the whole gets too hot for it.

HORSE - I know some bloggers have real horses, but this one was painted and on display at the State Fair. We hold our state fair in October each year in Raleigh.

Here are some real horses in a parade in Red Wing, Minnesota. These people really know how to put on a parade.

Well, that's our post for the letter H.


  1. Another great alphabet post! We're waiting for the "X". LOL!

  2. You've got so many great photos, I really like this alphabet game.

  3. Awww what a great H post!! I specially like the one of Mojo - bless his heart!

    Charlie loved the one of Devon helping with the Christmas wrapping! LOL!

    Your house is beautiful!!

    And horses! Horses are totally wonderful esp. on parade (although that painted horse is a real eye-catcher!!).

    Take care

  4. Fastastic H post. We like Helping and the painted Horse the best

  5. We totally LOVE your alphabet posts......Wonderful pictures. xxxxxxx

  6. Those are great - H would be tough for us at our house too. We think the alphabet game is fun!

  7. Well, I would say you did a "H"eck of a good job with that letter!!!

  8. What a super H post! We went to the Raleigh State Farm before! Our grandpabean lives in Wake Forest. Are you close to there?

  9. Ha ha, Kea is funny! Yes, the X post should be very interesting! You really had no trouble with H, and we love the photo of Mojo rolling in the grass. He was great.

  10. It was nice to see Mojo was happy rolling in the grass.

  11. it's been so much fun reading your alphabet posts!

    H is pawsome :). LOVE it!

  12. I just LOVE the picture of Mojo covered in grass. What a sweetie. It did choke me up a bit, though. :(


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