Thursday, August 27, 2009

Window Views

We love to look out the windows at the house. There are many to choose from, and we migrate around based on where the sun is coming from. Life is good! We see lots of wildlife, mostly birds, and some pretty flowers.

Finally a shot with all of us in it...including the cousins. Smokey is in the window on the left, Cousin Sophie is on the right. Devon is on the left of the ottoman, Cousin Pirate is on the right. Tanner is in the floor.

Cardinal eating some meal worms...He is our state bird!

Beautiful Blue bird enjoying a bath.

Pretty pink Gerbera Daisy

Not sure what this flower is called...Auntie is the green thumb in the house!

These are things we enjoy looking at during the spring and summer. What sorts of things do you have at your house?


  1. Wow! That's a lot of cool stuff you can see from your windows! We see stuff like that too...and sometimes squirrels and even vishus deer!

    (pee ess. we think that last flower is a petunia...our mom has some of those in our yard too...)

  2. You see a lot of beautiful things out your window! I love flowers, and I love birdies. I especially love the little birdie taking a bath!

    I see mainly birdies and flying buggies and trees and lots of green. Our downstairs neighbor has a bird feeder, so I gets to watch all the action.

    Hugs to all of you,


  3. Now, that is the purrfect window for looking at those mighty tasty birdies! Seriously, they are too purrty to eat.

  4. Oh, my! What pretty birds and flowers out your windows!

  5. Those are some great window views you have! And the picture of all of you together is great!

  6. Those purple flowers are Petunias.

    Those are some very nice things to see from the window!

  7. What lovfurly views you have!!! We love to look out windows too! We usually have lots to see and like when the windows are opened so we can smell all of the smells...

  8. The flowers and fev-vers are all pretty. We see fev-vers and squirrels and mousies from our window.

  9. you have a great view! such pretty birdies and flowers to look at =^_^= enjoy your pawsome window!


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