Monday, August 17, 2009

Mancats do Laundry

People who say laundry is women's work don't know what they are talking about. We Mancats are equal opportunity cats, and feel we can do laundry with the best of them. Actually, I don't know if mom would know how to do laundry, if it weren't for us. Bless her heart, she means well, but she needs our help!
Tanner under a warm towel, so mom will remember it needs to be folded.
Devon and Tanner on the newly washed down comforter...if it doesn't have hair all over it, she doesn't think it's dirty. We just try to do our part.

Smokey taught Devon how to help mom...he's such a good big brother!

We also like to help make beds...getting the wrinkles out is major fun! Mom keeps complaining about the big lumps under the covers, but we are only trying to help get rid of the lumps. Poor woman! She'd be lost without us.

The Boys


  1. My boy cats also try to help out with the laundry - they always are sure to get furs on everything that is newly washed.

  2. I'm a great bed maker, too! I love to help mom! You guys are doing a good job with that laundry!


  3. Are you ever great helpers. I hope my Mom doesn't get any big ideas.

  4. Nice of you to helps with laundrys! We loves to help too =^_^=

  5. We love to help with the laundry too! You guys seem to have it all under control. We must say the pic of you on the down comforter looks like heaven!

  6. You boys are great helpers! We like to fur up the clean laundry too!

  7. brother and I help with ironing... by laying on anything we can! hehehe

  8. Your momma sure is lucky to have you mancats. We try out best to help our Mommy too, especially when it comes to making the bed!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  9. We LOVE to do laundry. Especially when it all cold out and stuff...there ain't nothing like warm and toasty, freshly washed clothes! Good job guys!!!


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