Friday, August 28, 2009

Flashback to Fosters

We fostered kittens for many years, and really enjoyed it at the time. Tanner started out as a bottle-fed foster. Aunties cat Pirate was a foster kitten too. Luckily we were able to adopt out tons more than we kept! I've counted before and we fostered and placed close to 200 hundred cats and kittens during our time. The most we ever had in the house was 26! Good grief that was a lot of kittens! We worked with a lot of special needs (missing legs, missing tails, sick, mal-nourished, etc...) and of course bottle feeders were our specialty. We were fortunate that Auntie and I could bring the bottle babies to our offices and care for them.

One year we ended up with a momma cat plus four kittens. WOW having a momma was great! Then we got a call about three other kittens that someone had found. We went and picked them up, they were less than a week old, and our momma took them too. We did have to supplement their feeding some, but she did all the cleaning! Here are a couple of pictures of that group, once they were large enough to come out of the kitten room and join the household. They are sunning with my boys looking on.

Devon and Tanner lay with a new the backgroud from left to right we have, Mollie, Allie, Lane, Cooper, and Cody.

Smokey just sits back and watches...he is such a sweetheart...he didn't want to go up to the window and block the view of the babies. You can see Tanner and Devon in the backgroud.

Fostering was fun and maybe one day I'll be ready once again to give it a go, but right now, my boys are enjoying the special one on one time I can give them.


  1. What wonderful work you did with the fostering. I imagine that it would be somewhat emotional, especially with sending the kitties on to new homes.

    Your kitties looks so sweet.

  2. What a wonderfurl family you are taking in the fosters like that! Our mom would love to do that, but Dad knows she'd get too attached and would refuse to let them go, so he doesn't want her to do that right now. They are really kyute and Momma was a sweetie for cleaning them!!!

  3. Fostering must be such a rewarding thing...especially when the fosters find furever homes...

  4. That's some great work you've done with the fostering, bless you! Our Mommy says she could never do that, she'd become too attached and we'd have eleventy bazillion kitties here permanently! MOL

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  5. Wow ... fostering. I've thought of doing that when my current gang is gone. I think I'd end up keeping them though

    You've done a wonderous thing ...

  6. Wonderful job being a foster, I'm glad for your boys having alone time with you now.

  7. It takes a big heart to be a foster. Thanks for taking on that job.

  8. Wow that is a lot of kittens you helped out! That is so wonderful. I am sure that those kittens had a wonderful start and really appreciate the love and care you gave them when they needed it!

  9. Fostering is a wonderful thing to do. Thank you for helping all those kitties!

  10. That is wonderful that you fostered so many kitties. There are a lot out there who have you to thank for a good start in life.


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