Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tasty Tuesday

I know cats should only eat their specially formulated cat food, but sometimes my boys like to try other things. They each seem to have a favorite, and how can you deny a cat joy in life?
Devon loves to lick the butter! He prefers a freshly opened container because when it is too low, he gets butter in his whiskers, and that is very undignified!
Mojo loved beef! We had to do a food trial with him to determine if that was the cause of his allergies (it wasn't) so we went without beef for 9 months! When we were given the all clear, we cooked a special pot of stew beef and gravy for him...he was so excited to be eating this again, he was shaking all over. It's nice to make them so happy.
We fostered kittens for many years...here are a few enjoying a Cheese Puff. Some were a bit spooked by it, but these three fellas loved it. Reagan is the black one, Walker is the brown tabby with white, and Sawyer is the grey one. They've all been adopted.
Somtimes yummy, warm milk is all you need! This is Velcro enjoying some KMR.
Cupcakes always hit the spot when you have a major sweet tooth like Tanner!
Or a caramel apple, as long as you don't get too much of the apple!
Plain hard food can be fun if you get enough of it...Mojo and Tanner always helped to mix the food...they liked to make sure it was all fresh for the others.
Cousin Sophie likes asparagus. She prefers it steamed and chilled!
What crazy things do you like to eat? Maybe we can get some ideas for new things to try...look forward to hearing from you!


  1. OLIVES~~~GREEN OLIVES!!! We CANNOT get enough of those and the Juice??? Oh meow..it's like liquid 'NIP!!! Mom calls it Kitty Krack! Try it...you'll LOVE IT!!! Makes ya all nutty and stuff... And, you all sure do get lots of nommies!

  2. Well, I have owned three cats (2 growing up and one now) who loved french fries - Floyd especially loves them. Kirzon adores any dairy but it usually doesn't like him. And he is also a fan of cake or cupcakes. Virgil only likes two people foods - whipped cream and vanilla ice cream. Lola isn't a real people food person but will usually try a little meat or chicken. Barney will go after anything - but he is a baby and doesn't know what is good yet. They all like the typical stuff - chicken, turkey, tuna.

  3. I'm coming over to your house! You gots the best stuff to eat! I love licking the butter...and mayonaise too! Yum!!!


  4. I also lke butter, I beg mum for it when she is using it.. Yum.

    Hugs GJ xx

  5. Our Charlie loves to eat chips and cheese biscuits.

  6. Variety is the spice of life!

    Our Mom never makes anything without letting us taste it first.

  7. LOL! We love seeing all you kitties enjoy some good foods! Velcro was sooooo cute!

    We enjoy some macaroni and cheese, mullets, shrimp, really any seafood, cheese nips and cake.

  8. I don't do people food, but mums old cat Puss like potato chips and corn on the cob. Puss used to run up and want to try anything you were eating, but i am not interested even if it is steak or chicken. Occasionally I will have some ham though.


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