Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tanner on Tuesday

Tanner has a heart condition, Hypertrophic Obtrusive Cardiomyopathy (HOCM). He was diagnosed at the age of two, and is now 7 years old!! We are pretty successful in managing this disease with medications. He takes Atenolol and Enalipril everyday. Tanner is a champion pill taker...he can swallow two at a time!! (As long as I make a good drop at the back of the throat) He is so calm about taking them, and I just tell him to sit for his pills, and he does. We take them and that's it.

Taking pills for the pet sitter is a different story altogether! He will have no part in it. He won't even come down to see her when she is just playing because he knows its a trap! When he stayed at the PetHotel one night they had to use gloves that went up to their elbows to try and wrangle his pills into him! He just gets so nervous around others and hisses and growls...but it is really all show. Of course seeing a 17 pound cat pitching a fit is enough to make anyone a little nervous, and I think that eggs him on.

Needless to say, Tanner and I are in the process of weaning off our meds so I can go on vacation. This is a three week process to get him off the drugs. We've tried treats, playdates and other things, but he will have no part of the petsitter! This is the only safe way for me to go away, because he can't stop cold turkey on these meds. That could cause serious problems for him. So we wean, ever so slowly, and then when I get back, we wean back on. His vet school vets are in on the process, and although it isn't ideal for him, it's the best we can do.

Speaking of the best we can do...here's the best photo I got of him with his chest shaved after his heart visit in June. They have to shave him in order to do his echo. He is not real happy with his, and always requires some happy juice to calm him down! There are two small shaved squares...one is right below the paw that's in the air. It's peachy in color.


  1. Tanner, you sure are a handsome boy and we understand about strangers! We don't like 'em either. But, they're only there to help, so maybe give 'em a try.

  2. Bless heart, Tanner! So, treats don't work either, huh? Our beloved Cal didn't take meds well, but gobbled them up when mom put them in Greenies Pill Pockets. He didn't even know they were pills, only treats. Have you tried those?

    Our mom has to take Atenolol too. She doesn't like having to take it, but she's cool as long as we give her treats afterward, MOL!

  3. Aw, Tanner! What a good boy you are...taking your pills so well! We hope your heart condition stays under control! As the Creek Cats suggested, you could try pill pockets...they work pretty good!!! Like a spoonful of sugar with your medicine!

    Love your tummy shot!

  4. We've tried pill pockets and having it compounded into different flavors...no go. And unless there is a sitter, he is really just easier to pill.

  5. Tanner, I'm so sorry about your heart trouble. I'm scared of strangers too. The pet sitter knows to look under the bed with a flashlight to make sure I'm there. Anyway, you're a very handsome kitty!

    Purrs & hugs,


  6. Tanner, you certainly look nice and healthy. Your mommy is doing a great job with your meds and care. I know you'll be a little scared, but you will be fine.

  7. You look great Tanner. Wishing you all the luck in the furture!

  8. Oh Tanner, I am surprised that the treats don't work. That is the only way I can get Floyd to take his pill daily. I am always concerned about going anywhere because I don't know who will want to deal with all his medicine other than me (maybe my boyfriend but he is nervous about it). There is no way both of us could go anywhere. We use soft treats and bury them in there - teh greenies pill pockets are great except that he won't eat them if the pill is in there - somehow he knows! But I am impressed that he will take them so well for you most of the time - Floyd won't have it if it is not wrapped in something.

  9. Tanner, you are very good to take your pills so well for your mum, even if you won't take them for the sitter.

  10. Wow--you sure do have some "cool cats!" And they are blessed to have a "cool mom" who takes such good care of them, right down to being willing to go through the "weaning from meds" routine.

    I know you enjoy them all very much. Animals are such a blessing.

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  12. Awwww, poor Tanner! We're sorry to hear about your heart problems, buddy. Sounds like your mom is taking real good care of you. If only you'd let the pet sitter do so, too. (We don't blame you, when our Mommy goes out of town, our pet sitter hardly even SEES us the whole time, we run and hide when she comes by! MOL)

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew


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