Thursday, August 13, 2009

Two Tricked Cats!!

We are not happy with mom today. Yesterday, she tricked us into those plastic boxes and before we knew it, we were at the....wait for it...VET! She knows we hate this place, but she keeps taking us there. When will she learn? Don't worry, I paid her back by peeing on my towel. It was the only thing I could think of on such short notice! I hate to admit this, I was thankful that mom had extra towels in the car, because I didn't like sitting on that once I had finished. Maybe it wasn't such a smart move afterall.

Somehow she forgot about our brother Devon, and he didn't have to go...even though he was standing right there watching us get shoved into those evil containers, laughing the whole time like he is something special! I'll bet he was lonely without us around.

Luckily the visit didn't last too long, and only one pokey for me. Smokey had to go and get bloodwork done too, so he was snatched up and taken to the back, for who knows what kind of torture. The vet lady was praising me though because I had lost almost two pounds! She mentioned something about needing a dental...I'm not sure I will like that, and will try to get out of it.

Once we were finished, mom tricked us again! Can you believe the nerve of this woman? She hauled us across town to help Auntie drop her car at the mechanics. Of course there was a wreck and we were all stuck in traffic for a while. We sang to mom so she wouldn't worry.

She said we had a couple of firsts today...we crossed something called a railroad track which we've never done was a bit rough for my liking. We also visited the mechanics...that's a vet for cars. At least we don't have to spend the weekend at the vets office like Aunties car horrible!

I'm on to mom now though, and I'll run if I ever see those plastic boxes again! This dental...they can just forget it! Teeth are overrated, Mojo didn't have any and he could eat fine. Maybe that would mean more canned food for me. Chicken and Liver is my favorite. I wonder if there is some in the kitchen? I think I'll go and check...TTFN!



  1. I don't like the v-e-t's office. PU

  2. That was sneaky to trick you like that. Bet your mum was glad you sang to her.

  3. oh noeees, the ol' 'come jump in this box' trick >< we never know when its coming either because we like to go in our crate and sleep... then all the sudden BAM we're in the car! AHHH! hope you are ok! purrs!

  4. Tanner, just when you think you have the human staff completely trained to do your bidding, they turn around and do something sneaky like that.

    But make sure you have your dental, because a man cat never knows when he will have to put the bitey on something -- or someone!

  5. Oh, you poor kitties! Going to the v-e-t is not fun at all, for any reason. Just ask Bugsy...

    Speaking of which, thanks so much for stopping by our bloggie to share your purrs and good thoughts for our Bugsy on his surgery today, all went well and he'll be home tomorrow! We appreciate your thoughtfulness.

    You kitties look like fun, we'll be back to visit again!

    Big purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew and The Mommy

  6. Ohhh I don't like the vets much.

    Please come and visit me on my blog today. We wanted you to be this Fridays special friends.

  7. Hi there! Poppy Q sent us over to meet you. We really like your site 'cause you have lots lovely pictures. Your pic of the little cat foot was just adorable.

  8. Good morning to you all,
    I read about your blog on Poppy Q's funny here we are in NC too and we meet you through Poppy Q across the pond. Madi and I are new bloggers since June 2009. We're having fun and meeting so many new people. Look forward to checking in with you all,
    Madi and Mom

  9. Hiya guys!!! We were sent over to you by Poppy~Q. We love new furriends and guess what?!? Our bean grampa lives in NC too!!! He's over by Raleigh...stop by anytime!!! Have a GRRR-8 weekend!

    Sniffs & Scratches~
    The Kool~Kittie~Krew
    AKA...Skeeter, King, & Pandora

  10. Hey!!! We saw you over at Poppy Q's! So nice to meetcha!
    Hey, guess what??? We're from NC too! We live on the coast!!
    Stop in and see us sometime, we love company!
    ~The Creek Cats~

  11. Hi All - we saw you over at Poppy Q's blog and wanted to meet you! It is too bad we met you after such a rough vet day! I hope you have a better day today!!

  12. Oh how rude of her to put you in those plastic boxes...we call them PTUs...prisoner transport units!

    At least you sang to her...we bet she liked that!

  13. Hello and nice to met you. I saw you over at my friends and came to say hello.

    Hugs GJ x

  14. We came by from Poppy Q's to meet you all. Jan pulls that stuffing in a carrier routine occasionally too.

  15. We heard about you from Poppy Q! We hates the PTU's! Mom always tricks us into them!

  16. Oops! We meant to say nice to meet you.... but got all excited when we heard about the vets and the ptu!

    Great to meet you!

  17. Hello new friends!! We saw you on Poppy Q blog...

    We also hate the plastic boxes, is only ok if we both go, and can see each other the whole time. Mummy and daddy have learned the hard way how upset we get if we can't see each other.

    Very nice to meet you!!

  18. Plastic boxes you say? We must remember to watch out for those.


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