Friday, August 07, 2009

Non-Furry Friends Friday

Charles is a betta fish. Devon is in love with Charles. He is the only one of the boys that seems to pay him any attention. Charles spends most of his time at my office, but for long weekends I bring him home, so Devon can enjoy him. I think Charles is tired by the time Monday rolls around and we head back to the office! Anyway, Charles is a good fish, and thought he should have a little blog time too. So without further adieu, here's Charles.

When he is at the house, I sit him on a bookshelf, so Devon can't knock him off. Normally, I have to hold Devon up while I feed him...he just sits on the floor looking at him, and will talk to him too. They have a special relationship. I need to get a picture...maybe over Labor Day weekend.

The other day while watering the flower pots outside, we found a new friend. Mr. Lizard. He sat there patiently while I snapped photos of him. And later we found him curled up in the pot asleep. The next day though he was gone, and we haven't seen him since, but it was neat while it lasted. Here is Mr. Lizard. I'm not sure what type he is...anyone know?


  1. Our momma is liking Charles. Momma wishes that she could have a fish but she says that we pester them so much they faint and never swim again...sigh.

  2. I love Charles the office fish. How nice of you to bring him home for the weekend. Mr. Lizard is wonderful. I hope he comes back. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Charles looks very nice but mum wouldn't trust us with a fish. We don't get lizards here, so we don't know what sort it is.We used to get newts in our stream though, but we haven't seen any this year.


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