Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Thursday's Garden

Today our post will focus on the flowers in the back yard...enjoy!

This first flower will need some is the remains of a sunflower...I believe a rabbit or some other introoder ate the flower clean off!

Here is the new Hybiscus plant...we are still trying to find a way to keep these alive during the winter, so if anyone has any suggestions :)

These marigolds smell fantastic and are hard at work protecting the tomoto plants in the garden.
This turtle is also protecting the garden with sheer cuteness!

Here is one of the hydrandeas we have...this one has smaller blooms and is a soft white/light blue.
Here are our hosta. They love this side of the house where they are in the shade most of the time. I am always amazed when they come back each year, because in the winter, this part of the yard is always soggy from poor drainage. Still they come out year after year! Gotta love a hardy plant!
Here is the other's a deeper purple, and has the traditional large blooms. These plants are still small because we just planted them last summer.

Well, there you have it...our backyard flowers.

Maybe one of these days the boys will be able to come out and help prune the flowers a bit more for us.

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  1. Mama says she would love to visit your garden in real time......xxxxxxxxx

  2. Your back yard is lovely. Those hydrangeas are gorgeous.

    We like hostas, too. We have a couple of giant ones, hostas on steroids, and we like to hide underneath them where it's nice and cool!

  3. What a lovely backyard garden!! And well done that sweet turtle for watching over your beautiful flowers! Wonderful!

    I'm most impressed with the hostas - v. difficult for me to grow but thriving here - lovely!

    I hope you find how to keep your hibiscus alive during winter!

    Take care

  4. Such a pretty garden, and the turtle is way cool!

  5. The flowers and hosta are beautiful! We especially love hydrangeas.

    And as for keeping the hibiscus alive - our not-very-helpful suggestion is to plant a hardy variety (we know there are some because our neighbors have them - and we are in Zone 6 here.) We found some other suggestions here:

    (We do not know how helpful these will be because we are not sure how cold it gets there!)

  6. We wish we had a suggestion on the hydrangeas - our mom said her dad would have known and that he had helped out his neighbor with theirs - it came back every year and we are outside Chicago so it gets cold here! But she isn't sure what they did to protect it. But all your plants look great - it is too bad one got eaten up though!

  7. Oh my what a beautiful garden!




  8. The Hibiscus is a lovely colour. The Hydrangeas are lovely too.

  9. It's true that you can protect the garden with cuteness! Jonesie knows all about this!!!

    All we know about gardening is to stick with things that grow well in your area...and when we have a plant that isn't doing so well, sometimes we just try other parts of the garden to see if the plant likes it better. It works!

    We just adore hydrangeas!


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