Friday, June 18, 2010

Flashback to Fostering

This flashback to fostering is about Millicent...the devil girl :) Millicent was one of those kittens you were so thankful when they were adopted and you worried about getting returned to the group.
Let's go back to her beginnings with us...she came to us, with a brother, Martin. They were both so terribly sick. We stayed up one night just holding them, thinking they wouldn't make it. They proved us wrong and started improving.
We spent a lot of her early life medicating and poking and prodding. We snuggled too, but because they were both so sick, they didn't get all that good kitten playtime in like normal. They were a bit older when they started acting more like kittens and Millicent was more aggressive in her play, than I would have liked to have seen.
She was a cute girl, but would run up to you, if you were sitting on the couch, run up on your lap and bite you on the nose! We spent a lot of time trying to work on this type of behavior. She never seemed to learn, and I always felt that we were constantly saying, "no Millicent".

We were able to place her in a home that already had a rough and tumble kind of cat, and was looking for a rough and tumble playmate. Millicent was a match made in heaven! We gave the adopter our number in case she had questions, and off they went. Auntie and I breathed a sigh of relief that the devil girl had been placed :)

There's the right home out there for every cat...they just deserve the chance to find it!

Martin was adopted a few weeks before Millicent and is doing well in his new home too. These kittens will now be 3 years old.


  1. That is a great story because it really does show that there is a perfect home and family for all the different cats out there, even those who have a little bit of a wild side!

  2. What a wonderful story about Millicent. We're glad she found the right home!

  3. That really goes to prove that everyone deserves a chance for their own forever home, wonderful story!

  4. Oh Millicent!!!! I'm so glad she went to a home made just for her! That's just brilliant news. And yay to for Martin.

    Thanks for sharing this lovely story and Millicent look just wonderful.

    Take care

  5. What a happy story. I love happy endings. Glad they are doing well in their new homes. Have a great weekend.

  6. What a lovely thing your mummy does, fostering these kitties!

  7. Hurrah! That's a happy story and it made us feel like cheering!

    There IS a Home for every Cat.

  8. We are glad she found her purrfect home.

  9. Millicent sure is cute even if she is a little wild!! We're glad she found a forever home!

  10. You made me tear up..."There is a home out there for every cat, they just deserve the chance to find it."

  11. What a great story! We are so glad Millicent found the purrfect forever home!


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